National Food Plan issues paper consultation

Duration Approximately one hour
Start Date 3:30pm Eastern Standard Time, Thursday 18 August, 2011
Presenter Tim Mackey (facilitator)
• Phillip Glyde – Deputy Secretary, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
• Kate Carnell – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Food and Grocery Council
• Matt Linnegar – Chief Executive Officer, National Farmers Federation
• Rosemary Stanton – representing the Public Health Association
• Margy Osmond – Chief Executive Officer, Australian National Retailers Association
• Heather Yeatman –Associate Professor in School of Health Sciences, University of Wollongong
Description The scope and nature of Australia’s food supply chain is being shaped by global and local forces such as global population growth, differing economic growth rates among countries, finite natural resources and trends in population health. The government is looking for possible improvements to its current approach to food policy and has released the 'Issues paper to inform development of a national food plan' to help you provide feedback.
This webcast is an interactive discussion about what a national food plan should cover and aim to achieve. The government intends to draw upon ideas and suggestions from the webcast and other consultation meetings to develop options for a national food plan.
The questions you pose using chat mode during the webcast may be directed by the moderator to the webcast panel.
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