Parramatta: Australia’s Next CBD

Start Date Friday 11 March 2011 at 11:01 AM (GMT +11 hours)
Description This high-powered forum, held in Parramatta on 8 March 2011, tackled the big issues surrounding the growth of Western Sydney and Parramatta's role as the region's capital.

It looked at what a smart, liveable, profitable and well-connected Parramatta means for Western Sydney, and what a successful second city can offer as Sydney evolves into an entity of 7 million people - most of who will live west of Parramatta. There was also an acknowledgement that Parramatta Council had issues to address at the local level particularly in terms of improving the experience of those living, working and visiting the city.

These issues will be prioritised in Parramatta Council's economic development strategy currently underway.
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Parramatta: Australia’s Next CBD

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